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Wicked Good Snacks is based in the Sierra Foothills and is dedicated to providing the highest quality snacks to off-road enthusiasts. We sell quality All-American Beef Jerky in premium locations. A portion of every sale supports the stewardship of public land usage. We strongly believe a unity can be built to maintain responsible public land usage. Good stewardship can be achieved through team work, education and proper conservation. Off-road enthusiasts can unite as responsible users of the public lands and support the cause. Public lands can be maintained for public use, with your help. Support the groups behind the cause. Our company is behind the following not for profit 510c3 organizations. A portion of every sale is donated supports the cause. The more products sold the more money toward the cause. 

Stewards of the Sierra National Forest (SOTSN) is a division of the California Trail Users Coalition (CTUC) and was awarded the 2011 National Volunteer Trail Group of the Year.

Friends of
Clear Creek
Management Area

Friends of Clear Creek Management Area (FOCCMA) is a division of the CTUC. They have worked tirelessly on preserving the future of the accessibility to Clear Creek. They believe strongly in good stewardship of the land.

The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national recreation group that champions responsible recreation, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. Their motto: "Preserving Our Natural Resources FOR The Public Instead Of FROM The Public."

Stewards of The Sequoia members care deeply about our lands, wildlife and forests.  They represent all people who enjoy mulitple use trails and are the largest on-the-ground volunteer organization in the Sequoia National Forest.  Read more about this organization in this article in Bakersfield Life Magazine.

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